Rack & Pinion Gate Lifters

REEL COH is specialized in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and start-up of lifting equipment for hydropower projects such as Rack & Pinion Gate Lifters.

Rack and pinion gate or stop log lifters are used when a down pressure has to be applied on a device traveling in guides. The down pressure can be required because the device being pushed down is lighter than the opposing hydraulic forces, this situation might appear when using wood stop logs, when the guides are damaged and offer resistance to the smooth operation of a gate, or when hydraulic forces are greater than the weight of the gate. The lifter uses rugged steel rams to connect to the gate or stop log, the rams are fitted with heavy duty gear racks rolling up and down a single or multiple set of pinion(s) depending on the capacity requirement.

Reliable and efficient Rack & Pinion Gate Lifters

Rack and pinion gate and stop log lifters rams are fitted with harpoons allowing the picking and releasing of the gates and stop logs when submerged in water. The engagement or disengagement of the harpoons can be manually operated or motorized.

Rack and pinion lifters should be designed to handle the extreme load conditions generated by motor stall torque in case of dynamic asymmetrical jamming of the gate or stop log in the embedded guides.

The rack and pinion lifter should also be designed to handle the extreme load conditions in the case of motor stall in descent without tilting or tipping the machine.

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